Our Commitment:

We will walk you through the easy set up and operating instructions to ensure that the spit roast is something your guests will remember.

Our other services include:

Preferred Vendor Program:

You are free to purchase meat from your local butcher or ask us about our Preferred Vendor Program, where you can have your meat seasoned and mounted on the spit!

We can also recommend vendors that specialize in locally raised, 100% grass fed, organic and naturally raised livestock, as well as game and exotic meats.

Delivery and Cleanup:

For your convenience, we also provide delivery and pick-up services for the roaster and any hardwood lump charcoal that you may require. Moreover, we can also clean the roaster after use, giving you more time to enjoy the event with your friends and family.

Please contact us to inquire about any of these services!

Client Testimonials

The pig roast was tasty, moist and provided an entertaining experience for those who love food and appreciate the theater of cooking.

Professional Chef ~ Etobicoke, ON

We rented the roaster unit for my fiancée's 30th birthday party; the lamb roast was a big hit with our guests! Everybody loved it!

Irene ~ Mississauga, ON

Roaster Rentals helped me at every step of the roasting process, offering various tips and advice. I'd definitely recommend Roaster Rentals to anyone looking to spice up their event!

Kristine ~ Toronto,ON

The roaster unit was very easy to use and also compact enough to have it set up in our tight alley! Thanks Roster Rentals!

Jackson ~ Mississauga, ON